ToyCineCam is a simple yet fun application that allows you to take movie-like videos and pictures (Required iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch. iPhone 3G/3GS is not supported).

With ToyCineCam you can make a toy camera style video or give it a cool video processing using numerous effects just like a movie.
You can preview the effects in real-time while taking a picture or shooting a video.

Not only you can record audio from the microphone but also you can add background music from your iPod (all music data in iPod except DRM data) while shooting a video. (Music will be recorded even when you use the headsets).
The app features the full-fledged functions such as fade out, real-time tone curve edit and more.

You can create artistic movies or original family/friends PVs.
Are you ready to shoot videos of your beloved people and scenery along with your favorite songs?

Main Features:
- 18 different real-time effects
- Selectable aspect ratio: 3:2, 4:3 and 1:1
- Choose either white fade out or black fade out
- Add background music from your iPod library (not including DRM data)
- Adjust the tone curve and saturation in real-time
- Save/Load the tone curve file, and share files through iTunes file sharing.
- Post to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Picasa

Gesture Controls:
- Tap : Adjust exposure and focus on the tapped area
- Pinch: Adjust the vignetting effect
- Flick: Show or hide the menu

Main Specifications:
- Still image size(HQ): 3:2 1080x720, 4:3 960x720, 1:1 720x720
- Still image size(SD): 3:2 640x426, 4:3 640x480, 1:1 480x480
- Video size: 3:2 480x320, 4:3 480x360, 1:1 360x360

Edit Tone Curve:
You can edit the tone curve and check the preview of the effect in real-time by selecting the "Tone Curve" effect button.
Tap on the tone curve to add the control point.
The control point can be moved by dragging.
Drag the control point outside the edit area to delete it.

- Basic
- Cool Cinema / High contrast sharp cinematic effect (Bleach Bypass processing).
- Toy Camera
- Marshmallow
- Retro
- Mint Green
- Pink Cider
- Ruby Red
- Cross Process
- Infra Red
- Illustration
- Thermography
- Old Photo
- Hi-Con B&W
- Sepia
- Smoky Green
- Blue Ink
- Tone Curve / Effect that allows to adjust the tone curve in real-time.

Copyright (C) 2011 Kitt Peak, Inc. All rights reserved.